When does common sense prevail?


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When does common sense prevail  or are we simply being regulated into subjugation?

Each year local Rotary Clubs raise many thousands of dollars for charities within their communities through a variety of ways - BBQs, raffles, Home & Garden Shows and many others.

Among one of the more unusual  in Southampton is the 'Guess when the Snow will Melt'.  An object [last  year it was a laundry detergent bottle] is buried at the base of a snow pile.  As a street is plowed, the snow is continually piled up, eventually becoming a mini-mountain of snow.  Raffle tickets are then sold to those who want to guess the exact date and time that the bottle is anticipated to become visible in the spring snow-melt.

It is a fun activity and everyone in the small community of Southampton knows it for that and that it is also a fundraiser.

This year's "Guess the snow melt" will not be taking place however, thanks to yet another bureaucratic regulation.  It appears that when local Rotarians went to the town requesting the regular 'raffle permit', they were told that it was now illegal and they could not hold the fundraiser.

Ludicrously, they were told that it could be 'fixed' by someone pouring boiling water on the snow pile to speed up the melt.

Does anyone really think that someone is going to stealthily creep out in the night to pour boiling water, in order to come closest to the exact day and time?

If it weren't so ridiculous, it would be funny.  It isn't funny however, it is really quite sad, especially since the money raised was to go toward the new children's Accessible Playground.

First, it was the beach carnivals in the summer that, for almost 100 years raised funds for community groups and activities, but that were deemed, in the last couple of years, to be too 'immoral' for children to take part in or even witness.  Heaven forbid that a child should win a cake!

Now, we've moved into a winter activity that, I guess, borders on an another illegal activity ... waiting for the snow to melt while raising funds for charity.

Is there no common sense left, no sense of reason or, has it just become about being regulated to the point where people will simply give up fighting the establishment?



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Saturday, December 12, 2009