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As we head into yet another holiday season, there are many who look forward to it but, there are also others who dread it and, still others, who are ambivalent.

For those who look forward to it, it usually means a chance to get together with family and friends and, if there are small children involved, it's even better.

In the eyes of the very young, the lights, the glitter and, of course, the gentleman in the red suit, are as meaningful today as they have been through the generations.

For others however, the time of year is not a time of celebration.  Instead, it is a time when the inequities truly stand out.  It can be a time of great stress and even depression, a time of grave want and need.  Sometimes, it's a need for simple things like enough to eat.  Sometimes, it's a need for companionship.

There will be many in this year of tough economic times who will have to make tough decisions. 

If everyone, who is able, gave just that little bit more to a church, the Salvation Army, a women's shelter, a homeless shelter, a Food Bank or animal shelter, it would make a difference.

In a bygone era, when a neighbour was in serous difficulty, everyone in the community came together to help.  This is that time.  There are neighbours who are in need of help but may be too proud to ask. 

Give what you can this year.  If you can't afford a monetary donation, perhaps, you could donate your time.  Find out where, in your community, you can help and lend a hand there.  You can help others get through this time and, while you're at it, you'll be helping yourself.  There is nothing like giving to others to make one feel better about life in general.

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Monday, November 30, 2009