All Technology is Local


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We now have doubled our contributors to our Internet & Technology section and the Science Section to 6.  Some write articles and others just notify us of things we have to look at.  They send things in from Asia, the US and Europe.

Tip O'Neil the famous politician from Boston once said "All Politics are local".  He rose from modest beginnings to be third in line to be the President of the United States and he knew his riding (congressional district).

We say .... "All Technology is Local".  The reason this is true is obvious.   Everyone is touched by the Internet.  It's changing our lives. If companies don't adapt to  it, they are soon gone and jobs are lost.  It is the largest job creator that we have.

The kids get it far better than the adults. It's just not an email conduit.  They use technology for their entertainment and information.  They use it every day to do their homework.   They communicate with each other.  The transition to new things is not surprising to them, nor should it be.

Recently we ran some articles about the near future of technology as influenced by gaming boxes and the amazing S I X T H  S E N S E  user interface.

Where did we get this information?  One of our contributors sent it to us because he works for one of the largest companies in the world and guess what?  They are using 'gaming engines' for their next generation manufacturing products. 

These products will be used all over the world to build things.  It's not a wake-up call, because it is well known in the industry that this is happening.

What are gaming engines?  They are a combination of integrated circuits and software that can be used to do many things not just games. In fact gaming is the smallest market for them:  Here are a few examples:

1.  Allow a designer to look under the hood of a car that has not been made yet and have an AVATAR mechanic reach in and see if a plug can be removed without difficulty.  This is in use today, but in a 'primitive' form.  Gaming engines do it far, far better and the new technology is coming online quickly.

2.  Allow a manufacturing person to preview realistically on his/her machine tool the exact movements of the machine cutting a part without collisions and to specifications before they try it on the real material.  This is done in Bruce County and the gaming engines will make it faster and more realistic.  The application locally are for high precision parts and repairs for Bruce Power and OPG, mining and many other areas

3.   All new computer interfaces are about to change.  So in the very next generation, grandmother will soon see a new user interface that will make things more natural and easier for her.

Do you think these are futuristic?  They are not at all. 

The Saugeen and Kincardine Times have to keep up with these things.  We have to highly integrate hyperlinks and audio and video.  Any new user interface is important to us.  We have to drop the way print media does things.  The old way is gone.  There is a new and very local new way.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009