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Do you volunteer your time to help others?

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Absolutely!  So much in this life would never happen without volunteers!

 I volunteer at a local church that  offers soup and sandwiches every   Thursday night from October to May.    This time is most rewarding.  I have   an opportunity to give back to the   community and to meet so many lovely   people.  A terrific outreach program   that benefits many people.

Maybe some of our sos  people should do   some volunteer hours as they seem to   have a lot of time on their hands. Just   a thought.

Chantry Island Lighthouse....Bruce County   Museum

Everyone needs to volunteer.  It is what makes a community.

For sure! Call it what you will  giving back or paying it forward  what   goes around comes around.  It doesn't   have to be an orginization  it can be   a neighbour or a stranger.  Its what   makes the world go around!

I would be much happier volunteering if  more people were committed to following  through on whatever needs to be done rather than just saying they'll help for a few hours  or only for short term  projects. We need people we can count on  to give back to the community on a long  term basis  since the government seems  bent to cut services and we don't have  the people to fill the gaps.

Minor sports would cease to exist in  this town without volunteers. The worst  part is that there are parents that consistently think we mean everyone BUT them. A volunteer fee or tax doesn't   solve the problem either since what they need are bodies to help out. A stack of  bills or pile of loonies can't help with   parking controls  or teach the   fundamentals of a game to a child.

Not very often  I'm afraid. Although I   don't belong to any service clubs  I   do lend a hand from time to time.   Between work and family commitments    life is just too busy!

Our community includes many service   organizations which are in regular   need of volunteers to maintain the   quality of life we enjoy.  Groups   typically emphasize the fun aspects of   particpation and it is a great way to   expand your circle of friends and   aquaintances. There is no better   feeling than doing good for others   without the need for other reward.

There are numerous opportunities to   volunteer within Saugeen Shores. Be it joining a Service Club or coaching or   visiting the sick or elderly  your   time and effort would be greatly   appreciated and can make a major   difference in a person's life and in   your well being.

Volunteering to help in your community   has been noted as one of the best ways to feel helpful.  It is a great aid to   everyone's mental health. A win win   proposition! Makes you feel good and makes the recipient feel cared for.  it doesn't get much better than that!  Joan Harrison

Yes  I'm a volunteer driver for Home &   Community Support Services and Child &   Family Services.  My wife is a   volunteer driver for Child & Family   Services.  We find it most rewarding.

Yup  I do











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Tuesday, September 25, 2012