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The tall ship "Pathfinder" in Kincardine Harbour Aug. 24

In regard to the arrival of the tall ships in Kincardine and the visit of the crews at the home of the Humble family, here is a letter of appreciation to the Municipality of Kincardine:

Dear Peter and Leanne:

Although it is a little late, I am writing you both to say THANK YOU!

The barbecue you held for the Toronto Brigantines on 
Aug. 24 was amazing!

My family moved to Kincardine just over a year ago, and that day when our ship came into the harbour with the pipe band, flags and period costumes, made me very proud to say: "This is where I live!"


Scott MacDonald
STV Pathfinder

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Welcoming the tall ships

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012