'Slings and arrows' are not our role

January 13, 2013



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Saugeen Times is now entering year six as a hyper-local community based on-line news source.

We began with a vision ... to provide readership with free access to local news, and all that that entails, and to provide a local voice for community issues.

Despite some opinions to the contrary, we also try to remain objective and, therefore, allow both sides of any issue to come forward with their views, whether or not they choose to do that is up to them.

Everyone is passionate about what they truly believe in and, when expressing a view that 'sticks' to the issue, whether contentious or not, we are pleased to publish it.

We cannot, and will not, however, become a platform for those who, in standing up for their views, begin to personally attack others. Personal attacks are not an opinion on an issue ... they are just that, personal attacks against others.

The recent contentious issue surrounding the Saugeen Shores Police Service canine unit (K9) is an issue that has brought forward many concerns and heated debate about its demise but, unfortunately, concerns are now developing into personal attacks against the authors of Letters to the Editor.

The Saugeen Times will not promote undue comments by one neighbour against another.  We all live in this community and, regardless of our 'personal opinions' of others, the ST will not help air these, even when sent in the guise of a Letter to the Editor.

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There are other authors with words far greater than mine that it would be good to heed:

Shakespeare ... "It's not enough to speak, but to speak true", and one of my favourites,

Robert Burns ... "Oh the gift that god could give us - to see ourselves as other see us."

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Sunday, January 13, 2013