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Do you think unions still play and important role today?


Yes or No?








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 Some of the Comments


Cuts out managment bullying

definitely! we've come along way with the support of our unions!

Effective power for the people against corporate greed.

Even though the Province of Ontario has many labour and employment laws companies still attempt to skirt these laws as well as the rights of the employees.  Unions help protect the employees' rights and assure fair wages.

in some cases not all the caw  has gone too far

Most certainly. without unions we would have nothing.

Most definetely.  Without unions you are encouraging corporate bullying.  The middle class erodes until you are left with two classes only and the lower class have the rights of a third country sweatshirt shop.  Do you think a union would allow for working conditions like the recent one where all those Bangladesh factory workers burned to death. LONG LIVE UNIONS !!

The unions are largely responsible for pricing us off the world market.  They have become too much of a good thing.  They have had their time and important victories but now have become the source of many of our economic woes.

they are detramental to economic recovery and the reallity for most Canadians

They do however they often over step their authority and hurt membership and sometimes the public they serve.

They have become too demanding and must understand that we are out pricing ourselves in the economic world. We can not compete if this keeps up and union workers will be just walking picket lines and companies will relocate to other countries with cheaper labour. They should be thankful to have a job.

They sure do  there is a lot corruption going on these days with the Companys, Bruce Power included trying to railroad fire withholding pay, playing one worker on another, imagine what it would be like without the union at Bruce Power

they waste alot of time and money, as well as put people out of work

They've outlived their usefulness.  The CAW is singlehandedly shutting down the Canadian auto and manufacturing industry.  Ontario and Federal public servants are grossly overpaid and underworked.  We need a Ronald Reagan with the balls to fire the lot and start again!

Through union representation, individual employees provide input to company management that otherwise if often ignored.  However ,employers that have always fostered a good relationship with employees and stay competitive with compensation usually remain union-free.

We have at last been able to look beyond the rhetoric and decide that perhaps unions exist only for their benefit. Even if it is at the expense of the larger good. We don't have to look too far to recognize this.

When will some ever learn that the people are the union and they decide who their leaders are so they are very important as all people are important in to-days world child or adult.

Without unions you have little rights. Any employer can fire any employee "without cause" at any time as long as you get severance pay. You can't do this with a union. Unions have managed reasonable raises for their members. This usually bleeds down to raise non-union workers. ABSOLUTELY NEED UNIONS!!!

Yes because of the threat of right to work laws and the Conservative party. Also the threat of Bill 115 and loss of worker rights in Ontario.

Yes they SURE DO .. remember we would NEVER need unions if the employer would only treat the employee fairly!

Yes, absolutely! The only way they wouldn't is if all employers were honest and fair.

You can't compete on a global market with union wages and benifits








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Wednesday, January 02, 2013