Wee Wigglers wiggle their way to success
by Tiffany Wilson

March 1, 2016


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It's parachute time! 17-month old Chayce Wilson & 20-month old Carter Rankin .. Tap and shake!

Let’s all ‘Wee Wiggle’ our way towards a lifelong active lifestyle. 

Early Childhood Educator and mother of two, Jodi Tomori, began to research  toddler/preschool programs when she discovered Wee Wigglers - a music and movement program with the emphasis on movement through musical fitness.

"I felt there wasn't a program that was structured, yet flexible for little ones, and thought this was the type of program needed in Saugeen Shores," said Tomori. 

Coach Jodi Tomori and 23-month-old James Seaton on the 'Roller Coaster' ride

That said, four years ago,Tomori became a Wee Wigglers coach and is Can-Fit Pro certified to instruct the program.

Moms Shannon Rankin & Aryn Hutchinson helps sons Carter and Ben balance on the yoga half rolls

She said the program introduces the fundamental basics of movement including walking, running, skipping, hopping, galloping, crawling, rolling, balancing and jumping.   

“We follow the ABC's of Physical Literacy  - Agility, Balance and Co-ordination,” she said. “If children are given the opportunity to do the right physical activities at the right time in their development, more of them will enjoy getting active and stay active.”  

Shannon Ryan and son Carter shake their pom-poms ... shake 'em high ... shake 'em low!

Throughout the class, every song that is selected has a movement component and a learning outcome. 

Tomori has also incorporated a variety of props into the program such as pom-poms, shakers, colourful scarves, ribbons, balls, parachute, bubbles, rhythm sticks, bells and yoga half rolls to make the experience more enjoyable for both children and caregivers. 

As an educator, Tomori said, she loves watching the children master a skill, such as jumping.

"Children that follow all the movements, but have not quite mastered leaving the ground, watching their face when they do, is priceless!!" she said.

There are four different programs that are offered to children from as young as four months up to six years age.  

Jamie Paterson and son Chayce are caught skipping!


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The “Angels” program is for ages four months to 18 months and is designed to encourage babies to develop body awareness, introduce the concepts of cause and effect and to nurture the child’s innate ability to process musical sounds and patterns. 

Coach Jodi Tomori encourages 'Baby Buds' James Season, Chayce Wilson-Paterson, Maci McFadden & Carter Rankng to put their shakers away

 “Baby Buds” is for ages 12 months (walking) to 24 months and "Buds" is for 2 to 4 year-olds. This class is designed to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to further develop body awareness through creative and expressive motion, begin to recognize and keep rhythm and to practice listening to and following instructions.
One-year-old Jacob McFadden waves ribbons for upper body movement

 The "School Agers" program is for ages 4 to 6 and is designed to encourage school age children to be active. Tomori said the class is based on the physical education curriculum used in the school system and focuses on physical literacy and the ABC's of movement, all done in a fun, energizing environment.

Aryn Hutchinson with two-year-old son Ben shares a laugh with Joel McFadden and his three-year-old daughter Maci on the 'roller coaster' ride

The classes run out of Lakeshore Recreation in Port Elgin in eight week sessions. 

Also, keep your eye out for registration for the Wee Wigglers Day Camp offered to children ages three to five for one week during the month of August. The camp runs from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and offers a variety of activities from wiggling, games, crafts, songs, a snack and more. 

For more information about Wee Wigglers with Jodi visit http://weewigglerswithjodi.ca

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