The Man behind the 'Missing Person'
by Sandy Lindsay

March 17, 2016

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The Man behind the 'Missing Person'

According to Southampton friends who went to school with Armstrong, they remember him as quiet, with a compassionate nature and a love of music.

He composed the song 'Cardboard Retreat' in support of homeless veterans with all profits going toward their support.

The song is a powerfully poignant anthem about the plight of  homeless Veterans. An alarming number of service people are returning to their homeland with no real place to call home and when Jim and other like-minded artists were asked to perform their music to raise awareness and dollars to support the day-to-day work of helping returning heroes reclaim their dignity, he and the others didn't hesitate.

They collaborated with America's non-profit, http://www.VoicesUnitedForVeterans.org and in Canada at http://www.Mats4Pats.ca with all funds going to the cause.

Not only an accomplished multi-instrumental musician, he was the catalyst of Sonic Deli Records, a Toronto-based music production house and independent record label.  A songwriter, composer, producer, recording engineer, and arranger, Armstrong has done it all.

While music is his passion, Armstrong has also worked tirelessly for many years and has been the spokesperson for Epilepsy Toronto, holding up a positive example for others suffering the same affliction.

His best friend and colleague for 25 years in Toronto, Andrea Poulis, says that she is devastated at his disappearance.  "He is one of the most talented, gifted singer-songwriters and music producers that I have ever known.  He has endured extreme hardships and trauma but always bounces back."


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According to those who know Armstrong, he is "... one of the world's great unsung guitar players". 

Cardboard Retreat

When it Rains with Jim Armstrong 

Jim Armstrong has been missing in Southampton since March 9th ... Click Here to learn more

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Thursday, March 17, 2016