Path to Liberal re-election is through rural Canada says MP

March 7, 2016



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New executive of the Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Association

The road to re-election in 2019 for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal party has to pass through rural ridings like Huron-Bruce, London's MP Kate Young says.

MP Kate Young

"Our path to a second victory, to another mandate, is through rural Canada," the Liberal MP from London West told members of the Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Association at their annual general meeting, held March 5th at the Wingham Legion.

 "We're well on our way to gaining back some of these rural ridings, but we canít stop listening," Young said.

 She also said that she was encouraged to see that former Huron-Bruce candidate Allan Thompson has been appointed to head ProjectRURAL, a Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) task force to explore how the party can better connect in rural ridings like Huron-Bruce.

 "It is clear at the highest levels in the Federal Liberal party how important it is to represent the concerns of Canadians who live in a rural setting," Young added.

MP Kate Young and Riding Association President, Virginia Schenk

 Riding Association President, Virginia Schenk, told members they should be proud of what the party accomplished in Huron-Bruce in the recent election, taking the Liberals from a distant third-place finish in 2011 to more than 23,000 votes on October 19th. She also saluted the Liberal candidate in Huron-Bruce, Allan Thompson, commending his energy and determination during the election campaign.

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MP Kate Young and former Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate Allan Thompson

The annual general meeting (AGM), the first since the 2015 election, elected a new executive for the riding association.

The new executive for the Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Association includes: President Virginia Schenk, 1st Executive VP, Duncan Jewell, 2nd Executive VP Erica Murray, Treasurer Peter Morris, Secretary Kelly Collier, Membership chair Kevin Wilbee, Policy chair Maarten Bokhout, Communications chair Allan Thompson, Election Readiness Chair Murray Elston, Fundraising chair Gloria Wilbee, Youth chair Sean Mitchell and Outreach chair Ann MacKay. Directors at large: Ken Bridge, Steve Adams, Ian Burbidge, Rod MacDonald, Geordie Palmer, Nick Whyte, Kimberley Payne, Jack Riddell, Paul Steckle, Mary Ellen Ross, Justin Anstett, John Schenk, Islay Eby, Ross Lamont and Don Edward. 

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