Port Elgin BIA President rolls out more tourism ideas
by Sandy Lindsay

March 16, 2016

Town Council

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Jeff Carver, President of the Port Elgin Business Improvement Association (BIA), owner of the historic Wismer House and recent recipient of the Charlie Kelly Award for Tourism, continues to come up with progressive ideas on how to improve Tourism in the area of Saugeen Shores.

Recently, he and the BIA, initiated the concept of a trolley that will run between Port Elgin and Southampton (Saugeen Shores) along the coastal road that connects the two communities on Lake Huron.  The idea resonated with residents and businesses in the two towns as a tourist attraction to enable tourists to visit the two downtown cores in a unique way during the summer months.

Trolley that will roll along Lake Huron coast

On Monday, March 14th, he came before Saugeen Shores Council to present new ideas related to the successful 'Farmers' Market' held each Wednesday during the summer in Port Elgin.

This summer, Carver is hoping to see the market expand with a 'Farm to Table' outdoor dining experience that will feature locally produced products, including local craft beer and wines, with an outdoor kitchen that would be part of the event.

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In addition, for the upcoming Easter weekend, Carver also requested that Green Street where activities, such as a petting zoo, take place be closed off to traffic.  "This was a very popular event at Coulter Parkette last year and we expect it to be even more popular this year," said Carver, "but with so many little children wanting to see the petting zoo, safety is a concern unless the street is closed to traffic."

Carver was congratulated by members of Council for his foresight when it comes to initiating tourism ideas.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016