Saugeen Shores CAO calls it quits
by Sandy Lindsay

March 29, 2016


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After 34 years in municipal government, Saugeen Shores' CAO, Larry Allison, has decided to retire.

"I had the opportunity to take some time and reflect over the Christmas holidays and I did a little bit of math.  It's been 34 years! I worked for three communities, six mayors and 13 councils of some 90 officials and I think it's time to get out of that routine and look at something different," said Allison.

He went on to say he is unsure as yet of what lies in store ahead but he will continue to participate on the local hospital board and works with the Provincial registry of Electrical Contractors Association (ECA).

"My seven years here in Saugeen Shores have been fantastic," he added.  "We have a new Official Plan, almost have a new zoning By-law, the community is in a much better financial condition than when I arrived and we have a number of exciting projects in the offing that my successor will be able to see through to completion."

There have been several staff resignations of late and, according to Allison, rejuvenation of the organization overall is a good thing.  "There will be a long overlap if needed with my successor and those who have left recently continue to play a role in mentoring those who took over their positions."

Allison went on to say that his style of management is to work with the senior management team and arrive at a consensus on decisions and provide support as they present core programs."

Mayor Mike Smith said, that "... it was kind of a shock to receive his resignation, but it was always a possibility. I reflect back when I retired and it was difficult and I am sure it was with Larry as well.  We will immediately start to look for a replacement candidate and wish him all the best in the future.  I know he will still be in the community and he has a lot to offer."

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CAO Larry Allison (R) with Mayor Mike Smith

Allison said that he remains flexible as to an actual leaving date.  "It will depend on the new person and how quickly he/she comes up to speed.  I'm not going anywhere though."

Allison said that he and his wife built their retirement home in the area and that he will definitely be staying.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016