P.A.R.C. 55+ News
by Tim Hotchkiss

March 23, 2016



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Monday afternoon games time was a wonderfully successful gathering for Cribbage Players and Contract Bridge Players because for two to three hours they got to do two things they really love.        

As usual there was really good completion for cribbage because of the excellent number of three tables of four at each table. 

There were no new-comers to the positions of recognition.  Bill Morley got the fantastic low of three (3) while Marie Melanson, usually a low scorer, was saddled with the high of 117.        

The winners at bridge were also no new-comers to the top positions:  The brilliant and talented Lou Schafer achieved the formidable high of 6170 but right in the ball park was the inestimable Carol Walberg with the accomplished high of 5180. 

Congratulations  folks on some talented  playing.         

We hope to see all of you next  Monday at 1:00 p.m. in the Rotary Hall of the Port Elgin Plex. 

Bring a friend!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016