Lock it or Lose it - police warn after several thefts from vehicles

March 22, 2016

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March 14 - 20, 2016

Weekly Incidents 109

March 14:

 1:48 pm police received a report of a fraud. Someone stating they were from Readers Digest called a Saugeen Shores resident and indicated they had won millions and a car and all they had to do to claim it is send $599 as a processing fee. The person was asked to MoneyGram to a person in Tennessee. The Post Office advised this person to call police and no money was sent. Remember you donít win something if you did not enter, it does not cost anything to win something, donít send money to a person in another country, always protect yourself and hang up, delete or shred these scams.

11:36 pm police responded to a break and enter at a residence in Port Elgin. There was no sign of forced entry. A PS3 and PS4, hat and coins were taken. No suspects.

March 15:

7:38 am police received reports of 7 unlocked vehicles being entered and items taken from inside. The thefts occurred to vehicle parked on Elgin St, Trillium Drive, Izzard Road, Mill St and Shantz St. Items taken ranged from a GPS, change, cologne, gum, chocolate bar and car keys. These are crimes of opportunity, pleased Lock It or Lose It. Get into the habit of locking your vehicle whenever you park it. If your vehicle is locked the culprit(s) will move onto the next car.

2:38 pm: police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Ivings Dr and Stickle. A vehicle turning left from Ivings to go south on Stickle turned the corner too sharp and struck another vehicle stopped north on Stickle. The offending driver was charged with improper left turn. No injuries.

6:30 pm: police responded to a possible break and enter to a residence on Elgin St. A door handle to a patio door was broken but no entry gained. It is believed there was no theft.

March 16:

 3:29 pm police received a report of the CRA, Canada Revenue Agency scam being tried in Port Elgin. Any call you get from the CRA asking for money, threatening to put you in jail is a scam. Hang up, delete the email and shred the letter.

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March 17:

 12:39 pm police received two calls of a potential scam from someone advising they were from Publishers Clearing House. The call indicated they had won a million dollars and wanted to deliver it. Same advice is given hang up, delete the email or shred the letter.

1:51 pm a 2013 Cadillac was reported stolen from a residence in Southampton. Two people from Kitchener had befriended a man from Southampton and he had allowed them to stay in his residence for a few days. He also allowed them to borrow his vehicle. The car was borrowed on the 16th and not returned. On the 18th of March the vehicle was reported back in the area and police stopped the vehicle and arrested the two occupants. The vehicle was returned to the owner. A 32 year old female and a 41 year old male both of no fixed address were arrested and charged with the theft of the vehicle and possession of heroin and methamphetamine. Both were held for bail hearings in Walkerton.

March 20:

 9:56 am some time overnight someone entered an unlocked vehicle on Eastwood Drive and stole a GPS, wallet and ball cap. 10:58 am sometime overnight a window was broken at Chucks Roadhouse.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016