Hospital Auxiliary provides for new Lab equipment

April 13, 2016


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Hospital equipment is not funded by the provincial government and, therefore, purchases depend primarily on donations and fundraising efforts by individual hospitals.

The Saugeen Memorial Hospital Auxiliary recently funded the purchase of two phlebotomy chairs and a new pharmacy cart for the hospital Lab, which is currently about to undergo a major expansion, along with the Emergency Room (ER).

Phlebotomy chairs are used for drawing blood from patients (phlebo from the Greek meaning 'pertaining to a blood vessel' and -tomy meaning 'to make an incision') and the procedure is known as venipuncture.

When choosing the chairs, criteria that had to be considered were space, frequency of use and comfort for the patients.

Testing out the chair is Auxiliary President, Ann Veyvara-Divinski, Lab Manager, Shand Hewitson and Joan Vaughan, Member Board of Directors

The chairs feature a foot rest much like a lazy-boy chair and the wide arms swing outward to make it easier for patients to sit and to exit.

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Pharmacy Cart

The cost of the two chairs was $6,884 and the cost of the pharmacy cart was $1,000.

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