SDSS 'Young Growers' program welcomes another new school
by Sandy Lindsay

April 24, 2016


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G. C. Huston students will now have a grow caddy/cart thanks to Mowbray's Canadian Tire
Adults (L-R): Teacher Keith Day, Colton Heipel, Candace and Eleanor Mowbray and organizing student Mallory Ernshaw

Exploring the greenhouse

Spring plants underway at SDSS Greenhouse with new growing platform system

Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) in the Bluewater School Board continues to grow and develop its unique program ... 'Young Growers'.

The program is now 30 years old  and educates young local elementary school students about the science of biology, the cultivation of plants and how insects maintain a healthy plant environment.

The students are brought into the secondary school each spring where teacher Keith Day and his horticulture students teach the young students how to plant seeds and care for seedlings and also how plants add to the quality of life for the planet.

(L) Teacher Keith Day explains to local G. C. Huston Public School students from Southampton what will happen during their 'horticultural' class

This year, G. C. Huston Public School from Southampton is the newest school to come on board into the program and to acquire a new grow caddy.  The caddy features a grow light, expandable shelving and water-retention edges.  The students plant seeds and seedlings and then take them with the cart/caddy to their school where they watch their efforts at growing plants.


Student  Mallory Ernshaw organized the class participation

(L-R)'Nate', 'Regan' and 'Hudson' learn how to plant seedlings from SDSS student Tristan Lilly

Malko Kahn demonstrates to 'Zach'(L) and 'Sully' how to plant a seed

Walking through the greenhouse and exploring the many types of plants through touch and smell

Crafts are part of the class
'Loila' and 'Aleko' show off their flowers

'Emily' shows her new flower creation

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Volunteer Chantel Primeau (C) lends a helping hand to 'Tarrace' and 'Abby' to carefully plant seedlings

'Simon' smells a marigold

The program is self-sustaining with funds raised through its annual public spring plant sale and also with the help of donors, such as Mowbray Canadian Tire in Port Elgin who have donated equipment and financial assistance.

(L) Canadian Tire owners, Mike and Eleanor Mowbray and teacher, Keith Day

SDSS students also custom design planters for residents on request and create the hanging planter baskets for the downtown cores of Port Elgin and Southampton in addition to Southampton's Summerhill Road.

G. C. Huston student Sara Tidman waters plants on the new caddy/cart

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Sunday, April 24, 2016