Brainstorming session comes up with hundreds of ideas for historic film
by Sandy Lindsay

May 5, 2016


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Ross Lamont indicates to stakeholders the possibilities for the 'docudrama'

Janice McCeachnie, MPP Lisa Thompson, Ross Lamont and tvo director, Zach Melnick


(L-R) Janice McCeachnie of Trillium Foundation, MPP Lisa Thompson, Irene Howe, President Bruce County Historical Society, Ross Lamont, past-President Bruce County Historical Society and Yvonne Drebert, tvo Producer

On  Thursday,  May  5th, the  Bruce  County Historical Society, in  partnership with  the Living  History Multimedia  Association, hosted  a Heritage  Networking  Forum  at  the Bruce County  Museum  and  Cultural  Centre.

As part of  the  Forum,  attendees participated in  a Brainstorming  Session  for  the Bruce County   Heritage  Documentary Project, led  by Irene  Howe, President  of  the  Bruce County Historical  Society, and  Project Director,  Zach Melnick.

 Stakeholder  groups  were  invited  to  share their  ideas  about  what  stories  from  Bruce’s natural,  cultural,  and  economic  history  the Project  should  tackle. "It's amazing," said  Zach Melnick, "the amount of information and geography of the area is a challenge."

The Bruce  County  Heritage Documentary Project  will bring  the  history  of Bruce  County to  life  through  the engagement of  the community  in  the  creation  of  a documentary series  and  suite  of  media that will be freely distributed  to  schools,  shared  at community launch events,  and  broadcast  on TVO.  

“We  call  it  a  'docu-drama',”  says  Zach Melnick, Director  of  the Project.  “We’ll  be combining  real archival  elements - like  film, photos,  and  paintings, with  re-enactments  of historical  events,  and comprehensive interviews  with  area  Elders  and Historians. The   result  will  be  a  professional media project that  explores  why  Bruce  County  was an amazing  place  historically  and  celebrates its communities."  

 "The  people  of  Bruce  County  have  a  rich and  distinguished  history  when  it  comes  to making  remarkable  contributions.  From politics  to  tourism,  education  and  healthcare, there  is  a  passion  and  a  commitment   to community  that  defines  the  good  people  of Bruce  County.  I  am  excited  to  see  this dedication  showcased  through  the  efforts  of the  Living  History  Multimedia  Association and  the  Bruce  County   Historical  Society," said  Lisa  Thompson, MPP for  Huron-Bruce.

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(L) Irene Howe, President Bruce County Historical Society, John Peevers of Bruce Power and Lisa Thompson, MPP Huron Bruce

MPP  Lisa  Thompson  and  Ontario  Trillium Foundation  (OTF)  volunteer,  Janice McEachnie,  were  on  hand  to  announce  a two-year,  $139,100  Grow  grant  made  to LHMA.

 (L)Joanne Sturgeon of the Southampton Art School and Joyce Johnston, Heritage Society

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