Police across Canada combatting prescription drug abuse

May 18, 2016


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Police across Canada Working to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse and Saturday, May 21st is your opportunity to quickly and easily dispose of old and unused prescription medications that you may have in your home.

The Saugeen Shores Police Service will have locations available for residents to drop off medications that they no longer need.

The misuse and abuse of prescription medication has become a public safety issue for communities and police services across the country, who are working together to draw attention to this public safety concern by participating in the Prescription Drug Drop Off Day on Saturday, May 21st 2016.

The Drop Off Partners will accept unwanted or expired medications to keep them away from individuals for whom they were never intended. The abuse of prescription medications can lead to incidents of overdose and, in some cases, death.

Between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 21st, residents can simply go to any of the partner locations and anonymously drop off unwanted drugs.

 Police and medical officials urge you to do your part to combat this serious public health threat.

Prescription Drug Drop Off Day is a one-day initiative supported by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, together with Health Canada, Public Safety Canada, Partnership for a Drug Free Canada, the Canadian Pharmacists Association, and the Canadian Medical Association.

 Residents are further reminded that they can return any unwanted or outdated prescription medications to their local pharmacy for safe and secure disposal at any time.

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Partner Drop Off Locations

Saugeen Shores Police Service 620 Tomlinson Drive
Rexall Pharmacy 174 Albert Street South
Rexall Pharma Plus Pharmacy 466 Goderich Street
Shoppers Drug Mart 1199 Goderich Street
Walmart Pharmacy 5122 Hwy #21
Wardrop Pharmasave Pharmacy 639 Goderich Street
Your Independent Grocer Pharmacy 1244 Goderich Street

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016