Walk a Mile in HER Shoes fundraiser
by Sandy Lindsay

May 30, 2016



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Bruce County Barbarians Rugby team come out for the third year

Saugeen Shores 'finest' lend their support and show off their .... attributes!

The annual 'Walk a Mile in HER Shoes' fundraisesr for the Women's House serving Bruce and Grey was held on Sunday, May 29th (2016) in Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores).

The event, hosted by the Queen's Bar & Grill, had approximately 40 men attend who walked, or 'hobbled', one mile in high-heeled red shoes to bring awareness to violence against women and domestic abuse.

(L-R)  Mike Hinchberger, Shannon Douglas,Pierre Pilon, Colin Morano & Paul Clark
Bruce County Labour Council's Jeff Cronin ... ... and son Zack who definitely knows how to strike a pose!

There is 'something' wrong with this shoe! It doesn't fit!

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Tiffany Love of the Women's house

Adam Olivero of Bruce Telecom

Adam Olivero of Bruce Telecom produced a special 30th anniversary video for the Women's House.  "I have a daughter and we have to do this for our kids and to help end the violence against women."


Inspector Ken McCulloch of Saugeen Shores Police Service congratulated the Women's House on the work that they do to support victims of abuse in the community.  "As the police, we work hard to provide safety and security to victims and we need to rely on organizations such as the Women's House for providing counseling, housing and education.  It is a very important service and, unfortunately, one that is needed.  It is the support of the Women's House that encourages women to come forward and report incidents."

A final total raised at the event has not yet been finalized.

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Monday, May 30, 2016