Junior Firefighter program continues to grow in popularity
by Sandy Lindsay

May 29, 2016


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Different nozzle techniques create different sprays

Learning how to control hoses

Teaching team work

Each Wednesday evening, more than 40 elementary school aged junior firefighters take part in the course offered by the Saugeen Shores Fire Service.

The course was the initiative of Saugeen Shores Fire Service and has since been implemented in other jurisdictions. 

Over five weeks, one evening per week, students between the ages of 9 to 11, take part in the program learning the basics of firefighting skills and, more importantly, home safety when it comes to fire issues.

From a classroom setting to hands-on outdoor experience, the students get to use actual firefighting equipment from fire extinguishers to hoses and vehicle extrication equipment. 

The program, carried out by volunteer firefighters, has been on-going for 25 years and, some of the former students, are now volunteer firefighters.

At the end of the program, the junior firefighters are recognized in a graduation ceremony for completion of the various components of the course.

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Program is completely co-ed

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