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Opinion written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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One of the leaders of Silicon Valley is Reid Hoffman.  He made his money (Estimated in excess of 4 Billion) by paying attention to the trends in technology and being a visionary.

He states that we have to watch three key areas:

1.  Software is king and those gathered in Silicon Valley know it. Many call this movement 'The Internet of Everything' or 'Big Data' powered by software.

2. Everything is being indexed.  You and I can be indexed via the human gnome.  It's not just our stats, it's much more

3.  One plus two plus biology can rewrite people.  That is, with nanotechnology humans will become more than they ever were.  We are capable of changing the fabric of the universe.

So, while we are so concerned with drones and robots, we really have to watch how humans become integrated with technology at the most basic level.

Recently, I asked a friend and fellow volunteer at the Museum how many microprocessors we have in the General Hunter Exhibit?  He replied:  "I think we have in excess of 15!"

But, he told me that the whole burgeoning industry is changing in crazy ways with technologists embedding beneath their skin microprocessors.  They, as humans, can and do join WiFi networks.



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Sunday, May 29, 2016