MasoniCHIP program processes several youth
by Sandy Lindsay

May 30 2016

Service Clubs

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On May 28th, the Aldworth Masonic Lodge, Port Elgin Masonic Lodge and St. Lawrence Masonic lodge held a MasoniCHIP day at the Saugeen Shores Masonic Hall.

Volunteers at the day-long Child Identification Program processed several young children and teens with identifiable techniques that can be used in the event of a lost child or missing person.

Once the procedure is completed with photos, fingerprinting and voice imaging, only the parents retain the information on a disc.

Declan and sister Emmaly Klein had no problem with the procedure

Approximately 70,000 children in Canada have gone through the CHIP program that is widely endorsed by police associations as a valuable tool to help them locate a lost person.

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G. C. Huston teacher, Enid Johnston volunteered for the program

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Monday, May 30, 2016