Marine Heritage Society gets set for another summer of activity
by Sandy Lindsay

June 14, 2016


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Volunteers filled the 'Boathouse' in Southampton

Taking a break from the grill

(L-R) John Cherry, Rick Smith, Don Nicholson and Pat O'Connor

The Marine Heritage Society is set for another summer of activity.

While tours to Chantry Island Lighthouse play a major role in the group's summer, the organization also maintains the gardens of Pioneer Park and hosts the Marine Heritage Festival in Southampton along with fundraising BBQs.

A fun-time pot luck

The group kicked off the summer with its annual BBQ and pot-luck dinner held at Southampton's 'Boathouse'.

Pat O'Connor and John Cherry (R) kept the grill going ...

... along with Dave Wenn

Stan Young and Vicki Tomori in conversation with Mayor Mike Smith

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 John Rigby ... one of the original Propeller Club members

Not exactly a soccer game ... but fun anyway!

The inestimable Jane Kramer ... "don't you take my  photo!"

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016