A childhood fascination becomes a passion
by Sandy Lindsay

June 19, 2016

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Glen Majury ... a passionate collector

For Glen Majury of Southampton, his passion for collecting began as a young boy in Paisley when he would visit his uncle Clifford during harvest time and he became fascinated with a ruler that folded and was in the pocket of his uncle's work overalls.

That began a lifelong interest that continues today and that folding ruler has evolved into 1,800 rulers and measuring tools of every description.

Folding rulers from a more-than-50-year passion

From a Doyle Scale ruler used by woodsmen to determine the number of planks that could be obtained from a tree to an old English measuring cup that measures a dozen different items from flour to tapioca on the 'inside' of the cup, Majury has a fascinating collection of measure tools of all kinds.
 The Doyle Scale ruler ... 
 ... fascinatingly measures the number of planks obtainable from a tree 
An English measuring cup ... a thing of beauty!

Yardsticks line the walls and rulers hang from the ceiling and, as with most who are passionate about their collections, he knows the history behind each and where it hangs so that he can readily lay his hand on the one he is explaining - for each has a story.

Glen Majury easily puts his hand on a ruler he is explaining ...

... from the hundreds that hang there

Ever wondered how much spaghetti to serve?  Majury has a measuring tool for that too.

Slip enough dry spaghetti into the holes and you have the perfect portion size when cooked

There is also the oven safety ruler ... slide a pot safely with the hook from the heat to check and then push it back with the slotted end
The perfect pocket ruler ... folds into half the size of a business card

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While rulers were his first collecting passion, Majury also has others.

Today, he has one of the largest collections of original Dundee Marmalade pottery jars from the company that was founded in 1797.  "They are very hard to find," says Majury, "and I now have 103."


He also has more than 100 'Church' plates from across Canada with community names such as as Eden, Ballantrae, Kersdoyle and many others.

There are 94 United Church and 20 Anglican plates to date in the collection

"Collecting is something I enjoy," says Majury. "When my wife Dorcas was living, we used to go on country drives after church and go into little antique shops to see if there were any collectibles.  One day, we went up the Bruce Peninsula and stopped in at a little shop.  I went in and asked if he had any yardsticks.  The owner said no ... but he knew of a fellow in Southampton that had lots!  It was me!" he laughs.

"I always thought I would like to set a Guiness  Book record but I think there's a couple in Germany who have more rulers."

Then there's the Dutch 'yardstick' where "four feet are better than three"!

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