June Spirit Day at G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton
by Sandy Lindsay

June 26, 2016


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Principal Dan Russell gives the students a 'pep' talk before beginning the 'Colourdash Run'

G. C. Huston teachers and staff nervously get ready for their Slip 'n' Slide trip ....

... and they're off!

It was a full day of spirit and enthusiasm at G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton on Friday, June 24th.

Spirit Day began with a mini-PowWow that featured the singing, drumming and dancing of Saugeen First Nation for a standing-room only audience of students and parents in the school gymnasium.

Principal Dan Russell, who now is part of the drumming corps, says that he is hopeful that next year, the First Nation musical demonstrations will travel throughout the Bluewater School Board so that other schools can learn more about the First Nation culture.


Saugeen First Nation dancer, Crystal Kewageshig and drummer Lorne Pawis of Parry Sound


Boys Traditional Dance

Colour was the name of the game for 'Colourdash Day'

The day then moved on to the 'Colourdash Run' in preparation for the big run happening in August that will be a fundraiser for the school.

Teacher Enid Johnston spewed colour as runners ran by in the Colourdash Run

Principal Dan Russell (L) and teacher, Andrew Easthorpe are dressed for 'Colourdash'!



Ojibwa Teacher, Marilyn Roote, was convinced to 'slip 'n' slide' despite ...

... being dressed in a long skirt!

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Teacher Enid Johnson

... is joined by the other teachers and staff !

Mrs. Stoner shows an unusual technique ...

... while Principal Dan Russell preferred the 'head-first' approach

Super suds and super clean!

Mr. Russell cheered on the sliders

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Sunday, June 26, 2016