Local high school SDSS 2016 Grade 12 graduation
by Sandy Lindsay

July 3, 2016


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photo submitted by Heather Lorenz
From a farm ...

to the Port Elgin Beach where hundreds of family members gathered for photos ...

(L-R) Michelle Perry & Ethan Salmon, Carina Molinari, Matthew Horseman & Ella Bolton,
Logan Graham & Jake Bolton

Having fun on the beach!

The 2016 Grade 12 graduation carried on the long tradition of 'formal wear' photos on the Port Elgin Beach on June 30th.  Family and friends gathered to take photos with many remembering how they had gone through the same thing.

Trying to choose photos is like trying to pick a beautiful butterfly out of a group.  In exquisite colours, they 'fluttered' on the beach.

Following the photo session, the students headed off to the Lakeshore Recreation Centre in Port Elgin for the annual dance organized by the students.

The Lorenz family
Mom, Heather, Jenna and dad, Mike ... Jenna with her incredible voice recently won the SDSS Royals talent competition

(L-R) Melissa & Felicia Fletcher, Shawn Butler and Chris Leidy

Friends Matthew Hill (L) and Rotary Exchange Student from Mexico, Jorge Obrador

Taylea Thede in an exquisite 'mermaid' style


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Bridgette Lightbody & Austin Morris Diya Kriven & Taylor Collingridge

Beautiful in shades of Blue
(L) Olivia Osborne (with hair by Rachel Cassidy) and Ella Bolton

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Sunday, July 03, 2016