Concerns about proposed 'splash pad' location in Port Elgin

July 24, 2016


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Saugeen Times' Letters to the Editor and our  facebook.com/SaugeenTimesCCN , have both been inundated with concerns regarding the proposed 'splash pad' in Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores.  People appear to be angry about the choice of location in North Shore Park.

The following is one of the replies we have received.

"We have concerns about the splash pad located at North Shore Park.

Safety: What is a parent to do if the younger sibling wants to be at the splash pad but an older one wants to be at the beach? With no paid supervision at either the beach or splash pad this could be a disaster in the making. Someone would be unsupervised.

If the people come to use the splash pad as the organizers are expecting....where will they park? Along the shore road? It is narrow already with bikers and walkers walking back to town from the shore road.

I grew up in London where at Gibbons park my younger siblings enjoyed playing in the wading pool with my mom watching while my older siblings and I were allowed to go to the big pool which had lifeguards. Big difference from here.

My husband and I have raised 4 children in port Elgin over the 37 years we have lived here. I can understand having kids of different ages and keeping them occupied at the beach while keeping an eye on them in the water. It can be daunting ... but having a splash pad close but not within eyesight of the water is a disaster in the making.

The idea of a splash pad is good just not at the main beach shoreline in Port Elgin.

Perhaps the park in Southampton with the handicapped playground would be a better alternative. It has parking, space to put the splash pad and space for kids to run around.

Thank you

Christine and Mike Coughlan

Port Elgin, ON"


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It appears that the issue of a splash pad is again coming before Council on Monday, July 25th.  This time round however, Southampton Rotary is presenting an alternative solution to the one proposed.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016