Police receiving many complaints of erratic driving, speeding and other dangerous driving

August 2, 2016

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July 25 - 31, 2016

Weekly Incidents 172

July 25:

Police received a report of damage to a large rental tent. The canvas of the tent was slashed in a number of areas. The tent had been located at the United Church property on Victoria Street.

An assault complaint was received in regards to a water bottle being thrown at a staff member at a business at the Port Elgin beach. The incident is still under investigation.

Police responded to a report that 3 boys on kayaks were having trouble returning to the beach. The youths were out near Chantry Island and having difficulty due to the wind. They were able to return to shore safely.

Police are investigating a possible fraud. A relative reported that an elderly male has withdrawn approximately $21000 in cash in the past year and there are concerns as to where the money was sent.

R.I.D.E checks were conducted on Gustavus Street in the late evening. No violations.

July 26:

Family members reported a large fraud. It appears that a female fell victim to a number of frauds and has lost her savings. The victim has lost many thousands of dollars to a boyfriend/on-line relationship, an investment scheme and an ill-advised loan. These frauds are originating outside of Canada leaving police with little opportunity to investigate.

An off-duty police officer assisted a swimmer in distress near Gobles Grove beach. The swimmer was having difficulty due to high winds and waves. The off-duty officer swam out with the aid of a floatation device and was able to assist the swimmer in returning to shore.

A vehicle on Victoria Street in Southampton was entered overnight. Cash and identification cards were stolen. A stolen credit card was found to have been used to purchase fuel in Teeswater. Some of the identification cards were later located on Bruce County Road #13.

July 27:

Some found property on the Bruce Saugeen Townline caused police to be concerned for the well-being of an unknown female. A receipt in the property assisted police in obtaining a video image of the female at a local business. OPP assisted in searching the shoreline. The image was posted to area police services and the media and the female was subsequently located and identified. The concerns were unfounded and all was in order.

At 2:00pm, police attended a two vehicle collision on Victoria Street at Spence Street. There were minor injuries. A driver was charged with failing to stop for the stop sign.

At 2:10pm, police received a complaint of a fail to remain accident. A vehicle parked next to the municipal laneway between Catherine and Emma Streets was hit by an unknown vehicle. There was red paint transferred to the victim’s vehicle.

At 2:15pm, police attended a two vehicle collision on Goderich Street in front of Harvey’s Restaurant. There were no injuries. A driver was charged with Fail to Yield.

A male was located lying on the road on North Rankin Street. The male, age 24, from Owen Sound, was found to be breaching the conditions of his Recognizance. He was arrested and held in custody for a show cause hearing.

July 28:

Police attended Walmart in regards to a theft. A male, age 54 from Kincardine, had been apprehended by a loss prevention officer for eating product while shopping. The male did not make any attempt to pay for the product. He was subsequently dealt with under the Trespass to Property Act.

A male age 26, from Arran Township was arrested at Walmart for trespassing. He was then found to be failing to comply with terms of his Recognizance and Probation and to be in possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). He was held in custody for a show cause hearing.

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 July 29:

At 12:20am, police investigated reports of a female screaming for help at the Port Elgin beach. Police attended and found a woman who was placed under arrest as she was unable to care for herself and was intoxicated in a public place. She was taken to hospital by EMS due to the level of intoxication. She was also found to be in possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). She was charged for the drug possession and given a court date.

At 6:30pm, police responded to a complaint of a disturbance on Albert Street in Southampton. On arrival, police found that a male had been damaging property in his residence. A male, age 30, from Southampton, was arrested for mischief. He resisted arrest and assaulted one of the responding police officers. The male has been charged with Mischief, Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon.

R.I.D.E. checks were conducted on Railway Street in Southampton. No violations.

July 30:

At 3:00am, police stopped a vehicle for speeding and erratic driving on Albert Street in Southampton. The driver exhibited signs of impairment and failed a roadside screening test. She was arrested and subsequent breath tests were over the legal limit. A female, age 34, from Owen Sound, was charged with Impaired Driving and Driving with Over the Legal Limit.

A resident at 488 Goderich Street awoke during the night to find that the screen on a kitchen window had been cut and the fan inside the window moved. It was not determined whether anyone had entered the residence. Later in the morning a second report was received about an entry to another unit in the building. The door was found open and the screen was damaged. The unit was vacant and nothing has been reported missing at this time.

A stop sign was removed from the intersection at Stafford Street and Johnston Avenue and left on a lawn. A near collision was observed by police. A cruiser remained on scene until the sign could be replaced by Public Works.

July 31:

Police attended at a motor vehicle collision on Goderich Street at River Street. A vehicle west bound on River Street attempted to cross Goderich Street and was struck by a south bound vehicle. There were no injuries.

Police received a report that youth are attending after hours and using the patio area at the Bruce County Museum as a BMX bike park. Picnic tables are being turned over and moved around. Police will be monitoring the situation.

At 7:00pm, police responded to an injury motor vehicle accident at Waterloo Street and Johnston Avenue. A vehicle had failed to stop for the stop sign. One of the passengers was taken to hospital for a neck injury. A driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act.

Police are receiving numerous traffic complaints in regards to erratic driving, speeding, passing, cutting off other vehicles and failing to stop for stop signs. Passing off the roadway (onto the gravel shoulder) on the right side is illegal and is a safety concern on Highway 21.

Police will be giving extra attention to:

Street – speeding. Concession 10 at Miramichi Bay Road – speeding, racing, loud vehicles. Highway 21 between Port Elgin and Southampton - passing off the roadway. Bay Street – speeding Huron/South Streets – stop signs.

It is especially necessary with our increase in summer traffic that you follow the speed limit and signs, take that extra look at intersections and obey the rules of the road.

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