Police attend to several vehicle collisions in one week

26, 2016

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July 18 - 24, 2016

Weekly Incidents 150

July 18:

12:39 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Carlisle and County Rd #3. A vehicle was west on County Rd #3, while another vehicle was north on Carlisle. The north bound vehicle stopped then proceeded and was struck by the west bound vehicle. One of the vehicles ended up in the ditch, no injuries. The driver of the offending vehicle was charged with failing to yield.

3:33 pm police were called to a motor vehicle collision on Bruce County Rd #3. Vehicles travelling in opposite directions struck mirrors causing the glass to break. One of the drivers was treated by ambulance.

4:47 pm police located a missing 18 year old female. It was reported to police that the female had not been seen since 15 July. The woman was fine and not missing.

July 19:

12:28 am police responded to a downtown Port Elgin bar to a report of an intoxicated male who would not pay his bill and leave. The 37 year old Saugeen Shores male paid his bill and left.

1:00 am the same male from the previous occurrence returned to the same bar and started to cause problems. Once police arrived he became argumentative and would not leave. He was arrested for intoxication and spent some time in the jail cell.

2:47 pm Petro Can experienced a gas drive off for $20.90. A female driver put gas in her vehicle and left without paying.

10:24 pm police attended to Miramachi Bay Rd and McCannell Lane to a report of a female yelling. A couple was having a heated discussion, no assault.

July 20:

3:40 am police responded to a disturbance on Green St. One of the males in the group had a cut on his hand and a bloodied shirt. No one wanted any charges laid. The 40 year old male from Mississauga was arrested and charged with public intoxication and spent the night in jail.

6:43 am sometime overnight on 19 July 2016 someone broke into Coffee Time on Goderich St. The culprits stole cash, jewelry and a computer modem. Police are investigating.

8:37 am someone entered an unlocked vehicle on Pierson Ave and stole a camera.

10:31 am it was reported to police that sometime overnight someone broke into a home on Elgin St and stole some jewelry. The point of entry cannot be determined. If anyone has information on this theft or others please call police at 519-832-9200 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8487

11:52 pm police were attending to the area of Waterloo and Falconer St to a female who originally wanted to report her vehicle stolen. Police attended to the area and observed a vehicle being operated on Waterloo St with two front flat tires; the vehicle was riding on its rims. The lone driver was arrested for Impaired Driving and Drive over 80 mgms. At the station the 41 year old Saugeen First Nation man failed a breath test providing readings of 150 mgms and 140 mgms. The male was charged with; Impaired Driving Drive over 80 mgms, Drive While Disqualified Fail to Comply with probation (times 2 )

5:31 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision on Goderich St at Mary St. A vehicle was north on Goderich St and had stopped for a red light at Mary St. Another vehicle was north bound and rear ended the stopped vehicle. The driver of the offending vehicle was charged with careless driving.  

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July 21:

2:20 pm it was reported that sometime during the day on 14 July 2016 a bicycle was stolen from the outside display at Martins Bike Shop in Southampton. The bike is black with teal lettering on the frames and tires. On the 22nd of July the bicycle was returned to the store. No charges are pending.

4:55 pm a 32 year old Clinton man lost control of his motorcycle on the curves on 13/14 Side Road. The man had a sore elbow but refused medical attention. He was issued tickets for an expired driver's licence and expired validation sticker.

July 22:

2:45 pm a vehicle was south on Goderich St slowing for a red light at Green St and was struck from behind by another vehicle. The driver of the offending vehicle was charged with Following Too Close. No injuries.

July 23:

12:11 am police conducted RIDE in Port Elgin, 25 Ė 30 vehicles checked, no infractions.

July 24:

4:21 am a male party had passed out on Huron St. and could not be wakened by friends. Police attended and drove the male to a family cottage where he was turned over to family and friends.

5:32 pm police responded to a report of laundry having been stolen from the Sparkles Laundry Mat in Southampton. The person responsible was captured on camera and after being called by the police returned the items, no charges laid.

6:59 pm police responded to a downtown Southampton bar where a male had fallen off a stool and struck his head. The intoxicated male was taken by ambulance to hospital where he refused treatment. The male was subsequently arrested for breaching his Recognizance by consuming alcohol. He was held for a bail hearing.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scams continue to be reported. You know if you are in a jackpot with CRA. If you receive a call indicating you are going to be arrested if you donít send money somewhere, donít do it and call me (the Chief) at the office. Canada Revenue Agency does not operate like that.


A second public meeting concerning the Saugeen Shores Police building needs is being held at the Southampton Town Hall, Wednesday 17 August 2016, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

After a presentation will be a question and answer period and comments are welcome. A comment sheet will be available to those who wish to make a written comment of the building.

If you would like a tour of the facility please call Chief Dan Rivett 519-832-9200 to set up a time.

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