Good stewardship a top priority for Women's House

August 4, 2016

Women Today

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At the heart of every successful charity is a generous and supportive community willing to fundraise much needed dollars.

Fundraised dollars supplement the funding provided to Women's House Serving Bruce and Grey (WHSBG) by the Ministry of Community & Social Services, with an annual short fall of approximately $150,000.

They strive to have these funds generated through fundraising events, corporate, and individual support. All monies fundraised in the community go directly to women and children to provide the services they require. Without fundraising, many needs in  communities would go unmet, and without the support of the community, free and confidential programs would not be sustainable, and the programming attached to the Second Stage Housing program would not exist.

Fundraising falls under Tiffany Love's duties as Community and Fund Development Co-ordinator. "We try and space our fundraising efforts out throughout the year, so we are not making too many asks of our very generous donors and sponsors," says Love.

"We switch between direct requests for donations, corporate sponsorships, and organizing events which provide our supporters with an experience to thank them for their generosity," she added.

Many community groups host events on their own and provide the funds raised to WHSBG. "It is really nice when others think of us when deciding where their dollars would be best used. We are very thankful for the community's trust and confidence that we will put their money to work for the good of women and children,” said Love.

Debbie Walshe, Accounting Clerk at Women's House, is responsible to make sure all monies from government or community donations are used in the most efficient means possible. "Our budget is lean and we are always looking for different ways to save money whether that be joining a Government mass purchasing group, looking to our weekly grocery shopper to find us the best deals possible, or asking volunteers to help with minor repairs," said Walshe.

The Treasurer of the Board of Directors is Amanda Friesen. She chairs the Finance Committee meetings to ensure money is being allocated as budgeted. "We sit with our Accounting Clerk each month to review all financial statements and have all questions answered, before reporting to the Board," says Friesen. "We oversee the process to make sure WHSBG is being a good steward of the donations and government funding we receive."

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Gifts at every level have a direct impact on improving lives of women and children who have experienced abuse and turned to WHSBG for safety, support, and hope. Gas or grocery gift cards are given directly to women in emergent need. Specific needs for furnishings, linens or other household items are listed on Women's House Serving Bruce Grey Facebook page.

All are welcome to attend annual fundraising events, including: International Women's Day held in March; Walk a Mile held in May; and the Gala taking place on October 15, 2016. As always cash donations or donations through www.CanadaHelps.org  are valued and put to good use. "We are fortunate to be part of this very generous community, who over the past 30 years have continued to support our work," said Love.

If you are a woman in crisis please contact Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey through their 24 hour crisis line at 1-866-578-5566.

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Thursday, August 04, 2016