'Touch-a-Truck' puts visitors in the drivers' seats
by Sandy Lindsay

August 21, 2016

Service Clubs

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Saugeen Shores Fire Service was out in full force

photo by Dave Mensher
The Forces against Crime in Saugeen Shores
Batman is flanked by Bruce Power Emergency and Protective Services' Rich Sowa (L) and Saugeen Shores Police Constable Doug Lein

Something for everyone

There is no doubt that, when it comes to trucks, service vehicles and heavy equipment, the young and young-at-heart can hardly wait for the opportunity to climb aboard and find out what happens from the inside.

The Kin Club of Saugeen Shores held its annual 'Touch-a-Truck' on Saturday, August 20th, at Port Elgin beach where some 900 people came out.

The event started with a big bang as Batman rolled into town with the Bat Mobile for a short time but couldn't stay when he saw the 'Bat Signal and had to head back to 'Gotham City', but there was lots more to see.

One of Bruce Power's armoured tactical vehicles

Nowhere else could you go from inside an armoured tactical vehicle to inside a mouse.

Bruce Telecom's 'url mouse' ...

... was fascinating for youngsters such as Charlie Cox

Experiencing the chair lift of Saugeen Mobility

Quadruplets Easton, Dylan, Owen and Lincoln Coutts ...

... liked the trucks but also liked the face-painting

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Heavy equipment workers of the future?
Maybe not, but at this age Cooper and Parker Waskovitz
were all about climbing aboard the 'high-ho'

Austin Reich took his driving seriously at the Bruce Telecom simulator ...

... in Douglas Fisher's race car

Constable Doug Lein handed out stickers as youngsters clamoured inside the police cruiser and sounded the siren

According to event organizers Christine Cooper and Dave Mensher, the event saw 300 more visitors this year than last.  "We are thrilled with the response and the community support.  The Kin Club raised over $5,000 on Saturday and we are already looking forward to next year's 'Touch-a-Truck' that will be held on August 19th (2017).

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Monday, August 22, 2016