Ontario Energy Rates officially the highest in North America

August 29, 2016

From Queen's Park

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"Under Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, Ontario's energy rates have officially become the highest in North America, and many in Huron-Bruce are feeling the drain on their wallets," says MPP for Huron-Bruce Lisa Thompson.  

Since the Liberals took office in 2003, Ontario's hydro rates have risen from 4.3 cents/kWh, to as much as 25.9 cents/kWh in some low density areas. On August 10th, it was announced that Ontario had officially surpassed Hawaii as the most expensive jurisdiction in North America for hydro.  

"By failing to take control of the escalating energy crisis in Ontario, the Liberals continue to demonstrate how little rural Ontario matters to them," said Thompson. "I'm concerned about the growing number of people I hear from who are being forced to choose between heating and eating, and the continued lack of action on the part of this government needs to end."

Last year alone, more than 60,000 homes in Ontario were disconnected from their electricity after failing to meet the demands of their hydro bills, and the average hydro bill costs $1,000 more than it did 13 years ago. Compounding the problem are the continued reports of billing errors and the failed smart meter program.

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"The hard-working people in Huron-Bruce don't always have the luxury of reducing their hydro usage, and while the Liberals continue to auction off Hydro One, they steadfastly ignore the effects it will have on our hydro bills. The Liberals put us in this mess.Living in Ontario has gotten harder, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like it is going to get any better."  

Residents wishing to voice their opposition to increasing hydro rates are encouraged to sign the petition at: www.lisathompsonmpp.ca/2016/08/16/2824

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Monday, August 29, 2016