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Swiss Artist Eugen Jost (L) and Mathematician Eli Maor

Eugen Jost and Eli Maor wrote a wonderful book called 'Beautiful Geometry' Read More

They are standing in front of a plaque in Basel Switzerland created in memory of the famous mathematician and scientist Jacob Bernoulli of the scientific family.

What is wrong with the plaque?

Bernoulli is known for his intensive study of the logarithmic spiral.  The spiral shown is an Archimedean Spiral!  The irascible Jacob would not be happy.

Here is the translation of the text.


Jacob Bernoulli, the incomparable mathematician.
Professor at the University of Basel For more than 18 years;
member of the Royal Academies of Paris and Berlin; famous for his writings.
Of a chronic illness, of sound mind to the end;
succumbed in the year of grace 1705, the 16th of August, at the age of 50 years and 7 months, awaiting the resurrection.
Judith Stupanus,
his wife for 20 years,
and his two children have erected a monument to the husband and father they miss so much.


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Logarithmic Spiral

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Thursday, September 08, 2016