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August 30, 2016

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August 22 - 28, 2016

Weekly Incidents 153

August 22:

2:29 am, police were called to a report of a person breaking into a neighbourís vehicle on Mill Ridge Court. A neighbour chased the male into the bushes and down the street.

 3:26 am a male was located matching the description of the person being chased and he had in his possession items from that car. The male was arrested, when searched he had a replica pellet gun in his pack.

4:38 pm a warrant was executed at this personís residence and a stolen .243 Smith and Wesson rifle was recovered, loaded. The rifle had been cut down and the serial number filed off. Other items recovered include two 2-way radios, sunglasses, GPS, cellphones, break in tools, drugs and items associated with trafficking in drugs.

4:38 pm a warrant was executed at this personís residence and a stolen .243 Smith and Wesson rifle was recovered, loaded. The rifle had been cut down and the serial number filed off. Other items recovered include two 2-way radios, sunglasses, GPS, cellphones, break in tools, drugs and items associated with trafficking in drugs.

Miller is held pending a bail hearing. Police are still trying to locate the owners of some of the property.

11:31 am sometime overnight letters were scratched into a vehicle parked on Albert St.

3:20 pm sometime during the day a vehicle parked near the LCBO in Southampton had graffiti written on it with magic marker.

5:57 pm it was reported that sometime overnight near 4:30 am two pop machines were broken into at the Harbourlite Restaurant. The metal change boxes were stolen from the machines.

August 23:

3:49 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Clarendon and Victoria St. A vehicle was east on Clarendon St stopped at the stop sign at Victoria St. Another vehicle was north on Victoria St turning left onto Clarendon and took the corner too tight striking the stopped vehicle. That driver was charged with improper left turn.

5:08 pm for a second time in two weeks a person in Port Elgin had her bicycle tires and seat slashed. A suspect was spoken to and has been charged with mischief.

6:02 pm a bicycle was stolen from the Maple Square Mall area.

7:19 pm sometime overnight someone broke the bottom panel of glass in an outside door to a residence on Wellington St.

August 24:

12:35 pm a vehicle was exiting the parking lot at McDonalds in Port Elgin turning left onto Goderich St. This vehicle was struck by a south bound vehicle in the center lane. No injuries. The driver of the turning vehicle was charged.

 8:25 pm police stopped a vehicle for a traffic matter in Port Elgin. The passenger was noted to be in possession of an open can of beer. When exiting the vehicle a baggie of suspected drugs was observed on the seat. After investigation a 30 year old Saugeen Shores male was charged with possession of Methamphetamine and will be summonsed for possession of Hydromorphone.

August 25:

12:20 am police responded to an assault complaint in progress. After investigation it was alleged that a male operating a vehicle pulled up along-side of two people on the street. The driver got out and got into an argument with one of the pedestrians then punched him in the face. The driver of the vehicle, a 25 year old Saugeen Shores male was arrested and charged with impaired driving and assault. At the station he provided breath readings of 210 mgms and 220 mgms. During the arrest he threatened to kill the officer and was further charged with that offence. He was held for a bail hearing.

4:47 pm police responded to the Walmart parking lot to a disturbance. Investigation revealed that a female had been shopping in Walmart, took the tag off a pair of shoes, left her shoes behind and walked out with a new pair of shoes not paying and was seen by store security. A 55 year old Saugeen Shores woman was charged with theft and possession of stolen property.




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August 26:

3:51 am, a man walking his dog observed a man passed out on Buckby Lane on the grass. Police attended and awakened the man who was intoxicated and taken home to his wife. He was given a ticket for being intoxicated in a public place.

2:30 pm police responded to a four vehicle collision at Goderich and Ivings Drive. Three vehicles were stopped north bound on Goderich St at Ivings Drive. A fourth vehicle was north in the same lane and struck the last vehicle causing each to move forward and striking the next. The middle of the three vehicles, a blue van being operated by a male approximately 60 years old fled the scene. The van had damage to both ends. One of the vehicle drivers was taken to hospital due to neck and back pain. The driver of the responsible vehicle was charged with Careless Driving.

August 27:

5:09 am police received a complaint of a female passed out on the lawn of the Library in Southampton. A 23 year old Saugeen Reserve female was taken to her sisters.

8:59 am police received a complaint of a person passed out on the lawn at Goderich and Ivings Drive. Ambulance attended, the male was intoxicated and became violent, then was handcuffed. The male was in possession of two driverís licences, one in his name and another that had been reported stolen from a year ago. The 17 year old male was released to his father at the station and charged with public intoxication. Police continue to investigate the stolen licence.

9:31 am it was reported to police that two bicycles were stolen from the rear yard of a residence in Port Elgin. The complainant located one of the bicycles at the town pond.

9:49 pm police conducted RIDE in Port Elgin, over 100 vehicles were stopped, no infractions.

12:14 pm police located and seized 25 marihuana plants growing in the area of County Rd #3 east of Hwy #21. The plants will be destroyed.

If you have any information into the location of an illegal marihuana grow please call police or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.

August 28:

2:32 am on general patrol police located a male passed out on the front lawn of a residence on Market St. A 20 year old Markham male was arrested for public intoxication and turned over to his father.

2:54 pm a person located a small baggie of marihuana at Nodwell Park. It was turned over to police and destroyed.

5:46 pm a bicycle had been reported stolen in Southampton. The bicycle had already been turned in to police and was turned over to the owner.

From the Desk of the Chief

Just a reminder that we are starting our next Business Planning cycle for 2017- 2019 and have our Community Survey out.  It is on our website at www.saugeenshorespolice.com  and Community Watch members are doing a random phone survey. Paper copies of the survey are at the police office, town office, both post offices, both chambers of commerce. Please take the time to respond as it allows a committee to create goals and objectives for the next three years for YOUR police service.

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police

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