Another new physician relocating to Saugeen Shores
by Sandy Lindsay

August 8, 2016

Town Council

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Saugeen Shores is about to get another new physician this year.

 Dr. Michael Pace has been recruited through the Bruce Power Recruitment Committee and recruitment officer Peggy Zeppieri and his agreement was approved by Council at Monday night's meeting on August 8th (2016).

Dr. Pace is prepared to relocate to Saugeen Shores as a full-time Emergency Room Physician in Southampton on a five-year agreement that begins October 1st (2016)

He will take up temporary residence until early 2017 when he will be moving to one of the condominium units on Morpeth Street that have been provided by the Society of Energy Professionals.

In the fall of 2015, Council also approved an agreement with Dr. Julie Gibb who will be relocating to Saugeen Shores in the fall of this year (2016) to take up practice at the Dr. Earle Medical Clinic in Port Elgin.

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Councilor and Doctor Recruitment Committee Member Mike Myatt

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