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Have you missed NHL Hockey?


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After 3 work stoppages in a decade,  perhaps it's time for a new league that fans could count on. This one is an embarassment to pro sports. Can't believe the media is still fawning all over these people and their talks. Give it up - the season is a joke.

Billionaires fighting Millionaires and the key word in their game is play not work!

Didn't know there were so many other programs on now that I have access to the TV since there is no NHL hockey!!  Loving it!

GREED OWNERS and GREEDY PLAYERS...overpaid.Looks like when they (do) get back the crowds will be there..Come on FANS S T O P going to games totally for say a month. See how they like that! The Man in The Tilley hat!

Haven't missed them at all.  I would much rather watch the Owen Sound Attack play an OHL game any day.  I hope they don't come back for a couple of years. 

Hell No!Junior hockey is much better!

High paid owners and players.  A bunch of prema donnas.  Who needs this

I miss it very much.

I think both Bettman and Fehr should be kicked out and let the 2 side negotiate

If you want to watch hockey,  go to the Winterhawks' games. It is good hockey.

Incompetent owners,  stupid players (look what unions do!)

Jr. hockey is better anyway. Just like College bowl games.

Many people rely on the NHL games for their income.  I feel sorry for those people but have no sympathy for the players.   

never watch it again


Not a bit,  I could probably give out the names of most of the Maple Leaf team from the late 60s. Could not name 5 players from existing team

Nothing but a complete waste of my time.Player are way over paid and therefore the normal joe cannot afford to go to a game.

OHL hockey rules! Who needs the NHL? They can disappear forever!

Start A New League!

the junior hockey is much better to watch. They could teach the NHL  player how to play without fighting

There was a game !!! Not sure how I missed it ,  could be that I don't give two hoots about big boys wanting to get rich playing or managing a kids game.Check the Plex ,  real hockey happens there.

We have missed this great diversion .....looking forward to the return of our national game....also CBC badly needs hockey ad revenue...its all good

We lost interest years ago after expansion.  The talent was too diluted for us to care.

When they stop fighting and really play hockey I'll watch. Very poor role model for the youth who "aspire" to be NHLers

who needs it?









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Friday, January 18, 2013