EQAO results released

September 21, 2016


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Bluewater District School Board

Grade 3

Reading 63% (Provincial Average 72%)

Writing 63% (Provincial Average 74%)

Mathematics 53% (Provincial Average 63%)


Grade 6%


Reading  74% (Provincial Average 81%)

Writing  70% (Provincial Average 80%)

Mathematics  35% (Provincial Average 50%)

Grade 9

Academic Mathematics  78% (Provincial Average 79%)

Applied Mathematics  49% (Provincial Average 45%)


Grade 10

OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test)  74% (Provincial Average 81%)

The Grade 10 OSSLT result has remained stable over the past three years.

 "Bluewater graduation rates have continued to increase over time. “The latest EQAO results will help to inform our next steps. We have seen steady growth over the years in Primary Reading, and Junior Reading and Writing, and are pleased with the gains we have made in Grade 9 Mathematics," says Superintendent of Education Wendy Kolohon.

"We will continue to dedicate resources to support increased achievement in mathematics and literacy across the grades. We are encouraged by the newly introduced Renewed Mathematics Strategy by the Ministry of Education, which will help us to move forward,” adds Kolohon.

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Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Grade 3

Reading 74% (Provincial Average 72%)

Writing 77% (Provincial Average 74%)

Mathematics 62% (Provincial Average 63%)

Grade 6

Reading 83% (Provincial Average 81%)

Writing 82% (Provincial Average 80%)

Mathematics 55% (Provincial Average 50%)

 Grade 9

Applied Mathematics 40% (Provincial Average 45%)

Academic Mathematics 79% (Provincial Average 83%)

Grade 10

OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) 76% of first time eligible students who fully participated were successful. The provincial average is 81%.

The board results remain steady over a 5-year period with an average of 81%.

The results from EQAO identify necessary areas for growth.

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