Local business makes a difference for students
by Sandy Lindsay

September 28, 2016


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Students in the Life Skills Program are thrilled with the new stove
(L-R) Cara Roote, Mia Doll, Silas Shawbedees, Sharissa Jacobs & Sara Tidman

One of the benefits of living in a smaller rural community is the willingness of people to help out when needed.

When the stove at G. C. Huston public school in Southampton became too old, staffer Sophie Caudle called the local appliance business ... Square Deal Neil's, to see if they could help.

Sophie Caudle

For the school, the stove is a key teaching tool for the Life Skills program that teaches daily living skills, such as banking, shopping and ...  cooking. 

The stove is also used for the Hot Lunch program that ensures students, who need it, have a nutritious lunch.  "A stove plays an important role here at the school," says Caudle.  "It is used every day."

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It only took a couple of days until Square Deal Neil's arrived with a new stove for the school and disposed of the old one.  No fanfare, no accolades ... just a willingness to help their community school.  The business motto says it all ... 'Large enough to serve you ... small enough to care'.

"It's just wonderful," says Caudle. "We thought that, perhaps, Square Deal Neil's might sell us a stove at a reasonable cost.  But No.  Instead, they donated and delivered it to the school."

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016