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Wednesday, September 28th , in the House of Commons, Liberal Members of Parliament voted 182-84 to support Halifax MP Andy Fillmore’s Private Member’s Motion 45.

MP Ben Lobb

Motion 45 will force municipalities to measure greenhouse gas emissions for every infrastructure project. Ultimately, M-45 would only create another federal level of bureaucratic red tape municipalities would need to navigate to receive federal funding. Future and announced infrastructure projects will now be severely delayed until an implementation plan is developed.

“This motion if implemented would stop local projects in their tracks”, said MP Ben Lobb. “Replacing a water tower, paving a road or renovating a local library should not require a greenhouse gas emissions assessment. It is an unnecessary layer of red tape”.

The original motion required a greenhouse gas emissions screen for all infrastructure projects exceeding a $500,000 threshold. An amendment was introduced by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources that removed this $500,000 threshold and instead required that an implementation plan be developed. This plan will then include an “appropriate threshold” that will dictate which projects get screened for emissions.

"No one knows what this threshold will be," added Lobb. "Unfortunately, this amendment also passed."  

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M-45 READS AS FOLLOWS: That, in the opinion of the House, the government should ensure that:
(a) before making decisions on infrastructure funding proposals, an analysis of their impact on greenhouse gas emissions is undertaken for those projects exceeding an appropriate threshold to be established in an implementation plan;
(b) where appropriate, funding priority be given to proposals which help to mitigate the impacts of climate change; and
(c) that an implementation plan be developed.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016