Time for empty gestures is over says MPP over hydro rates

September 28, 2016

From Queen's Park

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"The Liberal government needs to go further to remedy the skyrocketing energy rates that are draining the wallets of hardworking Ontarians and driving business out of the province," says PC Critic of Environment and Cap-and-Trade Lisa Thompson.  

MPP Lisa Thompson

She adds that today's announcement from Minister Thibeault was a desperate ploy to repair the Premier's dismal polling numbers.

"Ontarians have been looking for help from this government for a long time and it's a shame that skyrocketing energy rates are only just now becoming an issue for the Premier and her government because they lost the Scarborough by-election," said Thompson. "My office has been inundated with signed petitions by people calling on the government to do something meaningful to reduce hydro rates."

 "I would sincerely like to thank every person who has taken the time to help make a difference," she added.

 In the past month, Thompson's office has received more than 6,000 signatures on petitions to reduce hydro rates. The petition became so popular that it crashed her website and required her bandwidth to be increased.

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"The people of Ontario want tangible action. Today's (Sept. 27) announcement of halting procurement on projects that have not yet happened does not save the people of Ontario any money today. In fact, once planned increases take effect this fall, followed shortly by cap-and-trade, electricity will continue to be unaffordable.

The time for empty gestures is over!"

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016