Premier prorogues only to give Ontarians more of the same

September 12, 2016

From Queen's Park


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"Today's Speech from the Throne (Sept.12) has been nothing but a desperate attempt by a tired, out-of-touch government to save face after an embarrassing loss in the Scarborough-Rouge River by-election. The Premier's efforts to hit the reset button are falling flat with Ontarians, and it has become clear that she is only willing to listen when she has something to lose," says Huron Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson.

MPP Lisa Thompson

 "Ontarians and the PC Party have been claiming for years that electricity rates are at a crisis point, but our concerns have repeatedly been ignored until just last week, after residents in Scarborough-Rouge River decisively elected a Progressive Conservative MPP. Today's commitment to repair our damaged energy sector is nothing but empty rhetoric."

According to Thompson,  Wynne has had 13 years to do something, but only chose to act when it served to benefit herself and her Liberal Party. "It is painfully clear that all the Premier is doing is trying to win favour with Ontarians before she has to face them again in another by-election. If she was serious, she would have repealed the Green Energy Act."

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"As the representative for Huron-Bruce, I'm aware of the challenges families are facing in paying their hydro bills. A petition I've circulated has gathered more than 5,000 signatures, and acts as a testament to how tired Ontarians are of the mismanagement of the energy file resulting in increased electricity rates. I want to assure everyone in Huron-Bruce that one of my top priorities this session will be pressing the Liberals to take more substantive measures to really assist for rural Ontarians with their energy bills," adds Thompson.

"If they were serious about caring for rural Ontario and reducing red tape, the Liberals should take immediate action. An excellent first step would be supporting my Private Members Bill, an initiative designed to truly support the long-standing partnerships between Ontario farmers and Certified Crop Advisors."

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