Lack of PSW standards concerns local MPP

September 28, 2016

From Queen's Park

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MPP Bill Walker took the issue of a continued lack of Personal Support Worker standards to the floor of the Legislature today.

MPP Bill Walker

In Question Period today, he challenged the Liberal government for failing to put the PSWs' job and training standards in place after 13 years in power.

"With one in four people soon to become a senior citizen, there can be no greater priority than improving our seniors' frontline care, many of whom are our Personal Support Workers, so that our seniors can enjoy safety and comfort in the care they receive," MPP Walker said.

"Iím deeply concerned that I continue to hear first-hand accounts from PSWs about the precarious working and living conditions at some long-term care homes, such as how one PSW is expected to look after 30 or 40 frail and sick residents," he said. "Itís an impossible if not dangerous task." 

MPP Walker said recent studies estimate that half of Ontarioís 100,000 PSWs will retire in the next 15 years. Compounding this problem is the aging population, meaning the province is facing a doubled demand for personal support workers who are on the frontline of seniorsí care.

"Knowing this, why has this Minister not prioritized providing the needed job stability and consistency to Ontarioís Personal Support Workers?"

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MPP Walker added that other provinces like Nova Scotia and BC have managed to put the safeguards in place and define their PSW standards. "In contrast," he said, "the Liberal government of Ontario has only managed to squander $5 million on a defunct PSW registry."

"The ball is in the Ministerís court. I expect the Minister to take action to address this situation so that our 100,000 Personal Support Workers can do their job," said MPP Walker.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016