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September 26, 2016


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Chantry Centre for Seniors has turned 25 this year and continues to celebrate.

A fun celebration was held on Wednesday, September 21st with many in attendance who have volunteered and supported the Centre.


Sybil Mercer

In 1992, the inaugural Board was Sybil Mercer, Louisa Hyslop, Herb Herage, Nancy Forsyth, Bill Edwards, Bishop Watton, Berniece McVittie, Graham Eby and Jock MacLeod but Mercer credits Vicky Pickup with the senior centre concept.

"Vicky was a member of Town Council when the Breakers Lodge was being dismantled for new housing and its Recreation Hall, that was fairly new, and contents were purchased by the Town for $68,000," says Mercer, "and here we are today on a piece of land that was part of Victorial Park."

Jim O'Dell recommended the name of Chantry Centre 50+ to appeal to younger retirees.

In January, 1993, the Southampton Rotary played a key role when they underwrote a $33,000 loan for a new elevator and began a fundraising campaign.

Southampton Rotarian Peter Day

From a small kitchen that was formerly in what is now the office, the Centre has a full-sized industrial kitchen where volunteers serve many luncheons and dinners throughout the year.

Among the groups that use the kitchen are the Chantry Island Cham-bettes who host the annual Octogenarian LuncheonThe organization of women has also donated over the years, having given $5,000 to the Centree in 1993.

Chantry Island Cham-bettes

(L) Vicki Colontino and Mary Ellen Renaud



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Simone Lepine was the epitome of sophistication in her pearls, fascinator and a 'Chanel style' cigarette holder

Sisters, JoAnn Tomori and Connie Barker held a lively unique Karaoke Bingo.

JoAnn Tomori (L) and Connie Barker

Today, the Chantry Centre has become a community hub for seniors with a wide variety of activities that include stained glass work, crafts such as fabric art, billiards and more.

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Monday, September 26, 2016