P.A.R.C. 55+ News
by Tim Hotchkiss

September 14, 2016


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Monday afternoon games time was a regular hoot of a time for us senior citizens. 

The cribbage players had their normal enthralling time counting their l5 twos etc.  A dear lady with an impossibly impressive last name was the big low winner:  Heddy Prerzybylski got the wonderful low of 2 but the manager of the event, the highly responsible Marie Melanson, (who usually gets the low) got the high high of 107.  We should utter a few sobs for her. 

The contract bridge players were up to their normal tricks but this time a very deserving bright charming lady, Beth Hotchkiss,  made the high high of 3380.  This is a first for this charmer. But what is really astounding about this win is who was beaten with the second highest score,  Art Grady, who most often is deservingly the high scorer because of his fantastic skill and superior intelligence got only 2070.  The sympathy of the whole club goes out to Mr. Grady. 

Hope to see you all again next Monday at 1:00 p.m. in the Rotary Hall of the P.E. Plex. 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016