Lake Huron appears to have claimed another life
by Sandy Lindsay

September 19, 2016


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Coast Guard helicopter passes back and forth along the shore and the gap between the historic long and short docks now submerged

By water and air the search went on

Atop the ladder extension Saugeen Shores firefighters with binoculars had a bird's eye view over the water

A search has been underway today (Sept. 19) for a local Southampton resident believed to have drowned.

According to Saugeen Shores Police Chief Dan Rivett, a resident reported seeing the 60-year-old kayaker early in the afternoon head out onto Lake Huron.  The resident reportedly saw the kayak flip over and did not see the person come up again.

Another bystander, Dan Harrington of Toronto, who had been swimming with a friend at the time, reported seeing a person in a yellow kayak out on the water.  "It was really strange," said Harrington, "I  saw it one minute and then it flipped over.  There was a boat heading in that direction at the time and, I thought, he's probably wearing a life jacket and the boat will see him in the water.  I didn't see a paddle raised in the air or anything like that as a signal."

"He apparently went out without a life jacket and was last seen at the east side of the gap between the short and long docks," said Chief Rivett.

The search included Saugeen Shores Police and Fire Services, the Coast Guard helicopter from Trenton, the Coast Guard cutter from Tobermory, OPP Search & Rescue from Kincardine and the Chantry Island Peerless of the Marine Heritage Society.

Coast Guard cutter

The search continued throughout the afternoon with  plans to carry out an OPP 'grid' search along the shoreline.

While the Saugeen Shores Police were involved in Southampton, another distress call came in from Port Elgin of a male in distress off the breakwall at the harbour.  It was quickly reported however, that the person had apparently been rescued by a paddle-boarder.

Although it was reported the victim's name is David Counsell of Saugeen Shores, an official police report releasing further details will be forthcoming.

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Zodiac with Saugeen Shores emergency personnel scoured the waters

The Peerless (R) and OPP Search & Rescue

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Monday, September 19, 2016