Corner collision results in damage but no injuries
by Sandy Lindsay

September 30, 2016


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At the corner of Waterloo and Green Streets in Port Elgin on Friday, September 30th, there was a collision that resulted in both vehicles being unable to be driven.

In one vehicle was a young couple with a two-month old baby who live in Port Elgin and, in the other, a teacher from Kincardine who had been attending a seminar at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre. None of the occupants was injured.

Cause of the accident is still to be determined but a nearby resident said that he lived near the corner in question and that, in his 10 years there, he had seen many accidents.

"It's a really bad corner," he said. "If someone is in the parking space near the stop sign, a driver can't see traffic coming at all.  I don't know what the solution is - maybe a four way stop since these two streets are major thoroughfares."

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