'Spirit Walk' remembers missing and murdered women
by Sandy Lindsay

October 12, 2016


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People gathered at the monument to 'Missing and Murdered Women'

The 7th annual 'Take Back the Night Spirit Walk' was held at Saugeen First Nation on October 6th.

Attendance was again large with buses of supporters from Unifor.

Kevin Hart, DLM at Wesley United Church of Saugeen, emcee the event and little jingle dancer, Jaylynn Wolf of Kettle Point, unveiled a new plaque that will be installed on the monument that was erected by the men of Saugeen in memory of 'Missing Women and Girls'.

Jaylynn Wolf of Kettle Point unveils a new plaque to be installed on the monument to 'Missing Women'

Lara Wolf recounted a story of an abused woman who was also a RCMP officer

Conrad Ritchie

Conrad Ritchie spoke in an effort to reach out to men of First Nations' communities.  "Many men don't understand or know their responsibilities.  Teaching the young and raising them on First Nation values is important.  A lot of our young people are missing partly because their fathers are not in their lives.  We need to change that.  How do we bring to light what is actually going on?  If we don't say or do anything, then we are saying what is happening is ok. We need to be a voice and role models.  Men have to wake up and learn from each other.  We are born Anishinaabe, where we are to be kind to each other and we all have a responsibility and our family system today is not working for us."

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At the vigil, 13 women laid the 13 traditional roses at the monument - one for every 100 of those missing and murdered.

Women lay roses

Chief Lester Anaquot

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016