Local hospital foundation recognizes donors & volunteers
by Sandy Lindsay

October 3,  2016


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Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation Board and Staff
(L) Jim Barbour, Shannon Van Valkenburg, Sally Kidson, Mary McCallum Jonna Ebel, Jennifer Tuer, Susan Dunlop, Joan Vaughan, Sarah Dolbeck and Tony Sheard

'Supporters' of the Hospital

'Sponsors' of the Hospital

'Friends' of the Hospital

When it comes to retaining health care 'close to home', the donors and volunteers in Saugeen Shores continue to support their local Saugeen Memorial Hospital in Southampton and, on Thursday September 29th,  they were recognized for their levels of support by Jonna Ebel, Foundation Chair and Sally Kidson, Hospital Executive Director.

(L) Jonna Ebel (Hospital Foundation Chair) and Sally Kidson (Hospital Executive Director)

One of the busiest rural hospitals, Saugeen Memorial sees between 16,000 to 17,000 ER visits every year and, given that it is a high destination area during the summer for visitors, there are then between 50 to 75 patients per day.

(L) Fred & Donna Berlet, Martha Bennett & Sandy Howcroft (Chantry Island Cham-bettes), Sylvia Sheard (Pretty in Pink) & Erin Zorzi (Port Elgin Rotary)

In addition to treating the many ER patients, there are also surgeries that include dental, ear, nose, throat and endoscopies along with outpatient services for speech therapy and psychiatry.

The hospital is currently undergoing an expansion that began in May and that will see an additional 10,000 sq. ft. being added to the Emergency Room(ER) and Laboratory.

Hospital - 1947, 1950s & Coming Soon

Within the geographic area around Saugeen Shores, the population is anticipated to grow by 7.2%, with growth most prevalent in the senior population, who tend to require more hospital services and more complex care.

(L) Christy Kelly and Martha Bennett chatted with Mayor Mike Smith

To keep up with population increase, the new ER  addition  will be more than triple the space with 12 new rooms that include 9 treatment and 3 trauma rooms, a waiting room, clearly defined triage area, more space for ambulatory care that is now in Owen Sound and a dedicated decontamination room, given that the hospital is in a nuclear energy generation area.

The newly renovated Lab space will also be approximately triple in size providing increased work space to process lab results. The new space will also provide a specimen drop-off area for patients with stringent lab standards for environmental safety, temperature and humidity to protect the specimens.  The new expansion will also be designed to minimize sound and vibration in order to protect the prevision instruments used.

Since there is no government funding for equipment, the foundation relies on fundraising efforts and donations to ensure that equipment that provides the most up-to-date, technological support is accessed. This year, equipment purchased has included:

  • Paediatric Crash Cart
  • Vital Signs monitors
  • BiPAP machine to assist with breathing
  • patient alarm beds
  • wheel chairs
  • family sleep chair
  • transport monitor/defibrilator

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 (L) Bert & Eleanor Walker, Robert Harrison (Port Elgin Legion), Gary Brown (Cruisers Night founder) & Tony Sheard (Southampton Rotary)

(L) Marilyn Noble (Southampton Legion Br.155), Shelley Greig (Fitness Funatics Fun Attack) & Elmer Brown (Port Elgin Legion Br. 340)

'Investors and Visionaries'
(L) Henry Weickert (Hospital Auxiliary), Doug Goar (Guy & Josephine Bevan Foundation), June & John Van Bastelaar (Rotary Huron Shore Run) & Christine John (Bruce Power)

(L) Jonna Ebel (Foundation Chair) and Marnie Cammidge

Jonna Ebel, Foundation Chair, presented a gift of appreciation to Marnie Cammidge for her long-time volunteer service.  Cammidge has worked at the annual Cruisers' Night fundraiser in Southampton on Thursday nights for 18 consecutive years.

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Monday, October 03, 2016