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written by Mike Sterling for Canadian Community News

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The big movement now in 2016 concerns 'The Internet of Everything'.  Every device and person, present, past and future is subject to it.

Who are the leading players?  There are two majors:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

Yes, Amazon, but where is Apple in this race?  They seem to be content to be out on the limbs of the Internet tree in the device category. 

Nothing will escape this vast Cloud based movement.  Your stove and frig and everything about you and what you use will be Cloud based. 

The two big players are trying to produce Cloud based software that forms the platform of all data and devices.  There are billions being invested by these two companies alone. (Click Here)

Others, like IBM hare rapidly moving to Watson-like software that allows us to view the World Wide Web and the data it contains as one giant brain.

So, a clarion call to this technology is seen in IBM's dropping all their other products including all hardware to point the company totally toward the artificial intelligence typified by Watson

If you pay any attention to the way Technology is moving, make sure you read all you can about the Cloud and they Internet of everything.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016