One street, two corners

October 7, 2016

Out 'n' About

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The northEAST corner of Albert St. (Hwy 21) in Southampton shows weeds ...
 and more weeds

... the northWEST corner of Albert St. (Hwy. 21) directly across the street

After many verbal complaints to Saugeen Times, we decided to go out ourselves and see first-hand the evidence of the complaints.

The photos speak for themselves.

West side of Hwy. 21 in front of the 'Subway' plaza and new carwash ...


... directly across the street at Rexall property

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To view the original site plan that was approved by Council and agreed to by Rexall prior to building ...
Click Here

How far can developers go without being accountable afterwards?

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Friday, October 07, 2016